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Relax at The Ponds at Natural Gardens
Relax at The Ponds at Natural Gardens

The land consists of 107+ acres which boasts farmland, open pastures, woodlands, streams, ponds and rolling hillsides that inspires the imagination and makes the heart sing. The entire farm is managed as a nature habitat!

The land of Natural Gardens boasts beautiful mountain scenery, woodland gardens, ponds, babbling brooks, waterfalls, planted with thousands of varieties of perennials including native orchids, trilliums, and ferns. The perfect setting for a retreats, seminars, parties & weddings!

We offer:

  • Educational Courses
  • Informative Seminars
  • Special Events
  • Property Tours
  • Vacation Packages


Daylilies at The Natural Gardens

Daylilies at The Natural Gardens

In addition to producing great food, we are dedicated to raising awareness about the effects of everyday food choices. By opening up our land to the public, providing learning opportunities and showcasing our farm & food through agriculturally minded recipes, we hope to re-awaken humanity’s connection to the earth and inspire better stewards of our bodies and the planet. All our food is grown using organic methods with no chemicals.


The Registry fosters community involvement and nurture partnerships with other businesses, professionals and individuals. Whether your beliefs are secular or religious, we believe living close to the land, understanding the rhythm of nature, taking the time to be still, standing in awe and practicing gratitude help us gain insight into our place on earth. And we seek to be that place for all who are hungry to work, learn, explore, sing, dance, eat or just relax!

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The Ponds at Natural Gardens

The Ponds at Natural Gardens

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